Soul Gardening

Anne Redelfs


Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, chronic pain, chronic illness, immaturity, overeating and other addictions, relationship difficulties, unresolved trauma, and/or a lack of self-care?

My counseling is based on hearing each individual’s soul, which includes complaints and guidance. This voice of the soul speaks through physical and psychological symptoms, as well as other life challenges. It’s telling us where the problems lie and what to do about them. Unfortunately, we’ve typically been taught to frame our symptoms in terms of diseases and disorders that we need to get rid of or stabilize.

I guide you to tune into each symptom and discern what it is saying, so you might learn this soul language and follow its wise counsel. I am a depth worker. I gently usher people, when they are ready, into deep and seemingly dark places inside themselves, as directed by their souls. I use the term “deep” because most people have some unconscious material that is manifesting through uncomfortable or disabling symptoms, attempting to get their attention. I use the term “dark” because what is unknown can seem scary and threatening. Our souls know everything about us, however, and can guide us through it all. These brilliant and beautiful souls of ours would lead us to true, lasting health and happiness with a new-found freedom to pursue our lives’ calling without internal resistance.

Soul-gardening is for:

• Parents who want to understand their kids’ souls might be saying through their behavior and other struggles.

• Spouses who would like to know how to best support their husband or wife on his or her developmental journey.

• Family members of the chronically ill or addicted who would like to do everything in their power to help their loved ones heal.

• Anyone who has been through a lot of therapy or other treatments and is ready to get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

• Any individual who would like to hear the soul and follow its astute and ever-ready guidance.


Appointments are on an as-needed basis, whether several times a week during an emergency, to once each week, every other week, once a month, or once a season, to maximize your soul-full living. I work online, over the phone, or in person, as you prefer.

My sliding scale of charges ranges from $80-160 per therapeutic hour. I will request that you ask your soul which price best meets your budget. The “therapeutic hour” is over when I hear your soul say, “that’s enough for today,” which is typically at 55 minutes or more.


Soul-gardening teaches us the weeding, pruning, fertilizing, and other skills we need to care for our inner or psychological gardens. Applying these skills leads us to a larger, richer, and more fulfilling life than we perhaps have ever imagined. We also discover a faithful companion on our life’s journey that we can trust to guide us every step of the way—our very own souls! This deeply-satisfying relationship can only grow, as we do…

“Ten years ago, I was told I was dying. I have used many modalities to regain my health, and I was feeling that I had gotten as well as I could. I was doing well, but there were still lingering issues that kept me from maximizing my potential. Then I met Anne, Wow! She was able to get past my “walls” and reveal the traumas I didn’t know were there but were contributing to my continued limitations. These were deep and not easy to find but life-changing! As I release each trauma, my soul is integrating into an ever-expanding whole person. Anne’s love for what she does and those she serves is a gift to anyone who has the blessing of working with her.”

– Jackie M.