The Awakening Storm

The Awakening Storm

September 11, 2019 1


Decades of Psychotherapy in One Book.

The Awakening Storm: In this book, Anne takes the reader through her experiences with Hurricane Katrina and the Levee Disaster of New Orleans. Throughout the story, she teaches the regressive and dehumanizing impacts of trauma on human beings. For example, when trauma has been chronic and too much for a human soul to bear, the person becomes stuck in an inhuman stage of psychological development. We have such people in our families or communities, but we’re not recognizing them as such, so they don’t get the treatment they need to recover. And they contribute to a society that is becoming increasingly insensitive to the human voice and human need, such as our need to psychologically mature. This book gives many practical tips for recognizing and dealing with traumatized people. It makes a great gift for anyone in the field of health and healing or who aspires to psychological maturation themselves.

In Every Storm, There Is the Call to Awaken.



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  1. Anon says:

    To me, the most riveting part of The Awakening Storm is hearing of the devastation, the loss, and the strength of the people suffering the horrendous effects of Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans’s Levee Disaster. Just as powerful is Anne’s journey and being alongside her in her strength, understanding, and growth. I enjoyed reading about both her personal giving and what she gives to the survivors devastated by this disaster.

    Anne’s understanding of trauma is unique and reasonable. I was able to glean a new perspective of how I connect with my inside parts and to my reality that surrounds me. I learned the importance of listening to the world around me and connecting that with what is presently touching my life internally – we need to effectively listen and respond in both locations. I now understand more clearly how we are effected physiologically and psychologically, by our choices to listen and respond – or not.

    A Reader

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